Thursday, February 28, 2019

JEWELRY MAKING, how to make a pearl pendant.

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And we
found that infinite amount of meaning can be conveyed through sound.
We played on trees napersnitsa language, the languages of the peoples of Africa. In this case
the word in its purely superficial meaning was inaccessible to the audience. But
however, the audience was forced to listen to the sound of the words, in those
the vibrations that arise from the pronunciation, and the feeling was
much richer than words that are perceived only in the semantic content"
(Brooke P. Lectures at the Moscow art Theater // Theater. - 1989. - No 4. P. 148). That is
a different kind of disconnection-whether from meaning, or from the sound -- allows
to more clearly represent the real functioning of language. First
experiments of this kind started from the "highbrow language" of the beginning of XX century
a theoretical understanding of their creators Apoasa.
We review and Osip Mandelstam (1891-1938)
in the framework of the pre-revolutionary period, because the main for us is his work,
the article "the source" belongs 1913.