Thursday, February 28, 2019

Project - Framed Pearl Pendant Project

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Now we have progressed from that
historical events, which is required to determine
leaving behind chronological boundary of the fracture,
which separates at a deep level the Western episteme
world, and marks for us the beginning of a modern way
knowledge of americanista. It turns out that thinking that
peculiar to our time and we are Willy-nilly
you have to think, is still largely determined by the revealed
in the late eighteenth century, the inability to justify our cognitive
syntheses in view space and, respectively, and
the simultaneous necessity (although internally contradictory), with
one hand, open up the transcendental field of subjectivity, and
on the other -- to build on the other side of the object those "quasi-
transcendentalia", which to us are Life, Labor, Language.
In order to identify this necessity and this impossibility
in all the sharpness of their historical invasion, had to be subjected to
the analysis of the whole tradition of thought, leading from the beginning of the same
fracture, to recreate the cursory reasoning of the fate or
the thrust of modern thinking. reaching the end
the point of reversing the current -- clear, yet vague,
but it's enough that allows us, if not completely
to cover, at least partly, to master and in some
to master the forms of this thinking, the current threshold
new time, still reaches us, capture us,
serve as a permanent basis for our speech. However, outstanding
is still another component of this event, and it is more
important because it concerns the very existence, of the roots
those positively which support our empirical
of knowledge; it should now be the subject of analysis.