Thursday, February 28, 2019

Imperial Pearls Cultured Pearl and Diamond Pendant

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You can say, and it will no doubt be right that the question is a kind of microtheory, a certain system of knowledge, which one part (question mark) describes known and mostly our past knowledge, and the second part (response) covers a lack of knowledge, i.e. what we want to know. When we ask, "if Columbus discovered America?", there are known (America open), the unknown (who discovered America), and hypothetical knowledge (an assumption that is made by Columbus).
When in the sociological literature say about the research program, we understand this to be primarily a conceptual vision of the research problem, which can be presented as hypothetical knowledge. Conceptual knowledge is frequently presented as a software issue, but this equally applies to any matter, including to personal. The difference between them is only the level of generality of conceptual knowledge. However, in sociological literature software and personal questions and share very substantially. Personal question is understood as a technical, instrumental apparatus the removal of specific information, etc. This is a fundamentally incorrect position.
However, in order to understand the nature of the question we have to go away from the subject of the question and refer to the nature of subject-object relations. It appears that the nature of the issue, its nature and content should be sought in the nature of intersubjective relations.