Thursday, February 28, 2019

pearl pendant articulated pt 2

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But since the problem of the sale of the car is difficult to resolve, the customer was primarily interested in the peculiarities of the formation of public opinion about the purchase of a car in very specific conditions. In fact, in the terrible high cost of the car, extremely bad roads, etc., etc., however, there has been a steady increase in the need to have your own car (but not purchase). This phenomenon indicates some underlying processes in the development of social life which is reflected in the public consciousness. A car is a necessity in along with the bread.
Naturally, we needed a new approach to the topic and the formation of completely new views, new conceptual knowledge about the reasons for buying the car. Without such knowledge, neither of which the output of the study could not be considered.
So the process of preparation of the program of sociological research this or any other contains at least two stages. The sociologist, like each of us, by virtue of involvement in some context of communication, can and most have some General idea of the subject of research that allows us to formulate a preliminary and General questions on the research topic. In preparation of the program of a specific study manifested this General idea. Quite often sociologists, as I said, since that start, and finish the job that, as a rule, is very insufficient. But in any case, the implementation of the common submission is the first and necessary stage of any research.