Thursday, February 28, 2019

Opal and Pearl 9 ct Yellow Gold Pendant - Victorian Style - Vintage 1979...

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Here it is necessary to focus on one rather significant point. Rural respondents asking the question, "Why are You leaving the city?", we thereby remove the information about the relation between people with regard to moving (migration) to the city. The process of forming my own opinion there is active work out some ideas in their reference group. The adoption of this group this idea became the personal opinion of every member of this group. The appeal, therefore, to the opinion of the individual is at the same time appeal to public opinion of a given reference group or more General social groups. It is clear that those who are looking at moving to the city from the village as a means of self-development, the structure of motives will be very different from those teams who are evaluating migration as a means of increasing income. Accordingly the various professional, social, demographic group will have its own structure of motives.
Therefore, the subject of study perform certain system of relations in specific population groups, projecting the object of study. The subject of research is a specific type of social relations or, more precisely, social relations in a particular area of social life, reflecting the particular interests of the people. In General, the subject of sociology are the most General laws of formation and functioning of types of social relationships outside of their any subject area.
Investigating the type of social relations in a particular area of life, the sociologist thus defines it as a stable formation, influencing the nature of human behavior. The task of the sociologist is to find, determine, using a special system of the analysis of public opinion one or another type of social relations. Vicentiu it is a circle of people - carriers of a given type of social relations can be quite definitely to talk about the behavior of the whole group and each of its members, consistently to predict their behavior in a future, of course, a greater or lesser degree of probability.
But by sociologist conceptual understanding - in this case, the structure of motives for moving from rural to urban areas - are only possible true knowledge, true for the researcher, but a hypothetical for everyone else first and foremost for the respondents. Therefore, speaking about the hypothesis of the study, allocated in the sociological literature in a separate procedure, it must be said that the conceptual view that is inherent in a conceptual-hypothetical knowledge, which needs to be tested in the course of sociological research.
By the way, in my opinion, it is wrong to divide the theoretical and hypothetical part of the program. In fact it is one and the same. In turn, individual issues is not that other, as strictly defined conceptual expression of the development of the object and represent the conceptual-hypothetical knowledge. Clearly, many questions, so many theories, hypotheses, but in private, with all the characteristics inherent in their nature.
Thus, the program can identify the following blocks and respectively the stages.