Thursday, February 28, 2019

7 Steps to Create a Cultured Pearl Pendant

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Thus, if it make sense to consider the content, everything else
that is in the word, you have to consider simple mechanical appendage only
hindering rapid transmission of thought. Slowly born, "the word as such".
Gradually, one by one, all the elements of the word were drawn into the notion of form,
only the conscious sense, the Logos, is still erroneously and arbitrarily
revered content. Logo only requires equality with other
elements words" (Ibid.P.168).
In "Conversation about Dante" (written in 1933 first published in 1967
year) O. E. Mandelstam back to the problem of meaning: "When we
say for example, "the sun", we are not throwing a ready sense --
it would be a semantic miscarriage -- but are going through a kind of cycle. Any
the word is a bundle and meaning sticks out of it in different directions. Saying
"the sun", how would we do a huge journey which is so
accustomed that we were going in the dream. Poetry differs from automatic speech
what wakes us up and shakes in the middle of a word. Then it is much
longer than we thought, and we remember that to speak means always
to be on the road"