Thursday, February 28, 2019

Vp Jewels Simple 7MM White Pearl Pendant Necklace and 6-7mm Earrings Set

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Poetic language-the constant object of attention of O. E.
Mandelstam. In "Notes on poetry" (1923), he says: "Poetic
it gives life to wandering mnogoopytny root. The multiplier of the root-consonant
sound-an indicator of its vitality. The word propagated not transparent, and
consonants. Agree-the seed and the pledge of the offspring of language. Low linguistic
consciousness -- the withering away of feelings are consonant" (ibid.P.69).
We give some examples of the structure of thinking
O. E. Mandelstam. It is very revealing in this regard expressed
V. V. Rozanov: "Rozanov's attitude to the Russian literature the most that neither
is colloquial. Literature-a social phenomenon, Philology --
the phenomenon of home, office. Literature-a lecture, street; Philology --
University seminaries, family. Yes, the University Seminary, where
five students who are familiar with each other, calling each other on
name and patronymic, listen to your Professor, and climb out of the window the branches of friends
University of the trees of the garden. Philology-it is family, because all
the family rests on intonation and on the quotation, in quotation marks. The lazy said
the word family has its own color. And the infinite, the unique, pure
linguistic verbal nuance is the background of family life. Here
why the attraction of Rozanov to domesticity, so powerfully determined the entire way
his literary activities, I deduce from philological nature of his soul,
which is in relentless pursuit of hard clicked and ludila their words and phrases,
thus leaving only the husk. No wonder that Rozanov was unnecessary and
barren writer"