Thursday, February 28, 2019

Tree of Life with Silver and Pearl Pendant and CZ Necklace


Anonymous said...

This disposition and
tilt Cuvier, taking as a thesis about the adaptability of organs
and the thesis of their vzaimozavisimost, -- it prints the function
far beyond the body and subdues the location of the body
the dominance of function. Cuvier denies the authority if not the identity,
at least independence, considering the erroneous belief that
"in important on everything is important"; it attracts attention "rather
by functions, rather than to the authorities"2<$F2 G. Cuvier. Lecons
d anatomie comparee, t. I, p. 63-64.>: before determining
the organs through their own variables, he relates them to
the features that they provide. A number of these features
relatively small: breathing, digestion, circulation,
the movement... While the visible diversity of structures detected
not on the basis of the variable table, but on the basis of major
functional unities that are able to be and to fulfill his
the appointment in various ways: "General features of the bodies of each
kind of all of the animals are reduced to a very small number of signs
and sometimes appear only in the effect they produce. Especially
amazing breathing: in different classes of animals it
is bodies, are so different that the structure is not
have between them almost nothing in common"1<$F1 G. Cuvier.
Lecons d anatomie comparee, t. I, p. 34-35.>. Considering
the ratio of on to functions, you can see "similarities"
appear where absolutely no "identical"
elements; the similarity stated in the transition from the body to the invisible
the evidence function. In the end, no matter whether the gills and
light any common characteristics -- shape, size, number; they
to be similar, since both are
varieties of a nonexistent, abstract,
unrealistic, unattainable body that is not in any
available description animals, but the presence in the Kingdom
animals, taken as a whole -- the body that is breathing
at all.

Anonymous said...

Thus, in the analysis of a living body resumes
the analogy of the Aristotelian type: gills are used for breathing in water,
as the lungs -- breathing in the air. Such ratios were
of course, familiar and classic century, but they served
there is just to define functions and were not used for
of the established order of things in space and nature. Since
Cuvier-defined function not available for external perception
the form of the action that it should pursue, he begins to serve
permanent medium term, allowing us to relate to each other
set of elements, devoid of any resemblance.
That classic was just pure perception
differences, as contrasted with the identities starts now
be ordered and viewed also on an underlying basis of homogeneity
functions. Natural history was possible because
Identical and non-identical fit in the same
space, and such a thing as Biology becomes
since the unity of this plan is destroyed, and the differences
begin to act on the basis of other identities, deeper and more