Thursday, February 28, 2019

Diamonique and Cultured Pearl Pendant w/ Chain, Sterling on QVC

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Anonymous said...

This Story helps a person to overcome disadvantage
benefits to which he is doomed. Becomes greater than this
fault with each passing day, the harder it becomes work;
production increases in absolute figures, but at the same
time and in the same process increase the costs
of production-that is, the amount of labor required for
the production of the same subject. So inevitably comes
a time when work no longer provided by products,
which he produces: they are the same as
food; received by workers. Production can no longer fill
disadvantage. Then the disadvantage he put a limit (by
demographic stabilization) and labour will exactly match
needs (through the known redistribution of wealth).
Now the finiteness of human existence and production are exactly
overlap with each other. merged into a single image. Every
additional work becoming useless; all unnecessary
the population is doomed to death. So life and death are
face-to-face against each other, constrained and as if doubly
supported by mutual pressure. So the Story will lead the final
the existence of man to the ultimate point where the limb
will finally be revealed in its purity; now she will not
to hide from herself, she is not strong enough to
to arrange their future, it will not have new land for the future
of mankind. This powerful landslide History little by little carry all
the barriers that hide the man from his vision; the man
exhaust all the possibilities, which partly cloud and
there is hope for the future of his anthropological nakedness;
thus, the Story will bring a person a long but inevitable
inevitable paths to the truth, which will focus it on