Thursday, February 28, 2019

Amethyst and Pearl Pendant in Silver - NKAM14352V-1

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The answer to the question and thus the confirmation or no confirmation (but not a retraction) conceptual knowledge is also the development of the conceptual knowledge. The answer is exactly the same process as the search for conceptual knowledge of the issue, taking different forms in the dialogue process. My question may be the answer to your question, and your question may be the answer to my question.
The process is already known. I offered a question, and I have to agree or disagree with the proposed conceptual knowledge. To answer, I should hold the same logical operation as the questioner, on the development of conceptual knowledge, which may or may not coincide with the proposed. To say that the proposed concept is correct, I should have their conceptual knowledge of the subject, otherwise I won't be able to appreciate it. But in order to develop this concept, I have to do all the same work that you and the questioner. That is why I say that the question and the answer essentially is the same thing, the same work, the same procedure, but depending on the role attitudes of the dialogue participants called it differently.