Thursday, February 28, 2019

Pearl Pendant - How to Make It w/ Clustered Pearls

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Mandelstam about the interlocutor 119
- I want to live in the imperative future participle, in the pledge
passive-in "meant to be".
So, I can breathe, so I like... Have a horse, [Basmach],
the equestrian honor. That is why I like Latin gerundive -- this verb in
horse" (p. 59);
The "female lips, beautiful in the chatter and the patter, can't give
the present concepts..." (p. 67);
"His lips were swept up in silk thread, and after each said
the words he was imposed on them seam. However, never rastalkivaya
man the symbolism of its physical appearance. This faux pas does not forgive even
best friend"