Thursday, February 28, 2019

Eden Pendant

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In the sixteenth century, real language-it is not a uniform and homogeneous
the totality of independent signs in which things are reflected as in
the mirror, revealing one after another its specific truth. It is rather
opaque, mysterious, closed thing, a fragmented and
completely mysterious mass in contact here and there with figures
the world and interwoven with them, so that all together they form
a network of marks in which each can play and actually plays
all other the role of content or of sign, secrets or instructions.
Taken in its rough historical Genesis, language of the XVI century is not
an arbitrary system; it is placed inside the world and at the same time
forms part of it, because things themselves hide and find my
mystique as a language and because words speak to the person as
to be deciphering things. The great metaphor of the book that reveal
dismantled to spell and read, to know nature, is merely
the visible underside of another, much more profound transfer of the driving
language to exist within the universe, plants, herbs, stones, and
Language is part of the great distribution of likes and will take.
Therefore, he should be studied as a thing belonging to nature. As
plants, animals, or stars, its elements have their laws
affinity and compliance of their mandatory counterparts. Ramus divided his
grammar in two parts. The first was devoted to etymology, which meant
searches not the original meaning of the words, but just the internal 'properties' of letters,
syllables and, finally, whole words. The second part dealt with the syntax
whose task was to teach "verbal constructions based on properties of
words", and the syntax was "almost solely only in establishing
compliance and mutual communication properties, such as a noun with
noun or with the verb, adverbs with all of the words to which it
joins, Union, combine them with the order of things