Thursday, February 28, 2019

Honora 14K Gold 12.0mm Ming Cultured Pearl Pendant with 18" Chain with A...

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And now a few words about the procedure for the elaboration of the concept study.
Recently I had to participate in a rather interesting study. Was ordered theme that sounded something like this: "the Main causes and tendencies of development of priority directions in the development of public opinion when buying a car." In other words, it was necessary to answer the programmatic question: "Why do people buy a car?"
Since I've never had a car and because of the constant presence of lack of money didn't even dream of buying it, my knowledge of why people buy a car, it was very limited and is mainly drawn from journalistic articles and complaints of fellow motorists. This knowledge could be called the trivial representation.
But still some idea I had, which allowed me to formulate some basic and quite General reasons. Well, for example, people buy a car to spend the money to take their free time to earn some money, for prestige, etc. But these reasons were known at the level of common sense and our customers. In the best case they could confirm the special survey and the exact quantitative distribution of opinions of sample respondents, which often do sociologists. Of course, such a study also has certain value.