Thursday, February 28, 2019

Honora 13.0mm Ming Cultured Pearl Sterling Pendant w/Chain with Antonell...

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Anonymous said...

Means "man" as a "biological organism", also has the property to be "mortal."

If translated into "Socratic" language, the above syllogism can be represented in a literary form, a living language:

- Say, because a person has a variety of symptoms, isn't it? It can be tall, short, smart, a craftsman, a philosopher, etc.?
- Yes, this is without a doubt so.
But besides many of the characteristics that person has and so characteristic as to be a biological entity, such as Buffalo or any bird, isn't it?
- Yes, and it's the same way. There's no doubt about it.
But because biological being, except for a set of its characteristics, has such a property as "being mortal"? After all biological creatures die, and we don't know of any case that would be one of the biological beings lived forever, right?
- Of course, there's nothing to argue. I don't know any, and I think that no one knows among those present, cases of any living being, for example, the Buffalo, would have lived forever.
But if a person has this quality, as a biological entity, and the latter has the property of being mortal, then the person has such a property as to be mortal. Because it can not be that a person does not possess such a property, if they possess all living beings. But, maybe someone will say otherwise?
- No, you're right.
- Then we can make one conclusion that the man is certainly mortal being.
Is without a doubt so, and no one dares to say something else than that man is a mortal creature.