Thursday, February 28, 2019

The Amathea Pendant

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A feature of sociological issue is that when it is the correct formulation and scrutiny, subject to any rules of its construction it becomes formalized, which allows, in turn, to formalize the process of obtaining social information. In the presence of tried and tested techniques the result of the survey and the entire study will depend on the personal qualities of the researcher, his ability to observe, listen, analyze, etc., as required in the spoken language, and will provide reliable and accurate information.
Of course, as already mentioned, in the construction of this question there are difficulties. And the main difficulty is the definition of the context of the question, through which is revealed the substantial importance of the question. Out of context question does not exist. In natural language the content of the question, its meaning determined by the context of the conversation, the entire nature of communication. Within this context communication is defined not only question but also answer. If we ask the man, who had not seen: "How you doing, man?" in order to answer this question, it should first clarify what we mean, in what context to answer him, i.e., whether it matters at work, at home, etc. and what about the old man. Otherwise, the response will not happen or will be meaningless, like "Nothing" or "Fine".
Any question in the questionnaire given to the respondents as independent and outside of any context of other issues or of any preliminary interviews. To answer this question, the Respondent must find the context of the question and answer in order to add the proposed question some content. And he always does, but not always the content of the question matches the content that puts in question the researcher. The resolution of this conflict is in the definition of the alternatives of the question that reveals the content of the question and to Orient respondents to the nature of the response.
In colloquial speech, we often do not think about the rules of construction issue, because always have the opportunity to ask, clarify, restate, it is said, etc. In the sociological surveys, we are deprived of such opportunities, therefore, sociologists have become more attentive to the construction of the issue and has identified certain difficulties of its construction.
Sociological question really is to build not as easy as it seems at first glance. For example, the question: "do You Like working in a factory?" is not built quite right, because it has a focus and as a result the responses are not completely accurate, they will be somewhat overpriced in comparison with the question, built in a neutral form, so to say: "How do You feel about your work?"