Thursday, February 28, 2019

Honora 13.0mm Ming Cultured Pearl Sterling Pendant w/Chain on QVC

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Do sociologists ask questions? More recently, they have had this problem. To the issues in the sociological questionnaire came about the same way as questions in natural language. If we are able to ask questions in speaking and in most cases receive the necessary information, then why not to do the questionnaire? It is well acted, and... received incorrect data, i.e. in some cases not solved in the research tasks.
Long-term practice of sociological research showed that the issues of spoken language and the questionnaire is not one and the same. Each of them has its own nature, its own characteristics and moreover actually removes a variety of information. The fundamental difference between them lies in the fact that in spoken language the question is addressed only to the individual, to one person, in a sociological questionnaire conversation going, so to speak, with the mass source. Hence the number of features of constructing a different issue. Here are some of them.