Thursday, February 28, 2019

Pure Pearls White Freshwater Pearl Pendant 7- 8mm in 14K White Gold

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For the first time translated into Russian
the language of "Metaphysics" of Aristotle.
And Mandelstam O. E., and V. B. Shklovskii,andevaluating
B. V. Rozanov, saying the same thing. B. V. Rozanov home
fact the text makes on the level of literary communication. "Rozanov introduced in
literature new kitchen theme" (ibid. P. 17), says
V. B. Shklovsky. He believes that each era has its own list
the permitted and prohibited ("prohibited for obsolescence" (ibid.
P. 9). B. V. Rozanov also let into the literature of other subjects. This "theme
obydenny, a hymn to private life" (ibid. P. 27). Such
minimisation in one of the books of V. B. Rozanov called "embryo".
They sound on occasion and without occasion. Here are some examples:
"Russian sloth sniffs the air, do not smell any where "opposition". And finding
such, immediately hitting on her and then finally calms down,
finding justification in the world, finding the light, finding, in essence, myself
"The Kingdom Of Heaven." How Russia is not to be the opposition, if it so
way keeps everyone calm and allows thousands and millions of personal problems"
(Rozanov V. B. Fallen leaves // Rozanov V. V. Works: In 2 T. --
M., 1990. -- Vol. 2. S. 354).
"Worried and pulled, rather, fascinated -- Breasts and pregnant
the stomach. I always wanted to see the whole world is pregnant" (ibid.P. 355).
We see that, along with accepted for literary communication
texts, V. V. Rozanov suggested missed this channel type of text.
Moreover, these passages are constantly extended with additional references such as "For
numismatics", "transparency", "horse and buggy". They reveal the context
writing data minitexts. About the first he V. V. Rozanov wrote that
employed eyes numismatics leaves the head and this time he
writes a lot of new ideas. "Transparency" - then on the back of one of the
articles on which you are currently working. Etc.