Thursday, February 28, 2019

Gearbest (Faux Pearl Pendant Simple Design Necklace For Women)

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All questions beginning with a question operator "who", "what", "why", etc., belong to the second type logical-formalized division. Essentially this pseudovirus because it does not contain, as already mentioned, the concepts required for the development of knowledge. This is a question that only makes meet the requirements of the development of conceptual knowledge. And while such knowledge is not obtained, and therefore not built the question of the first type, neither of which logical reasoning can not be considered.
Therefore, the question of the second type with the need translates into the question of the first type, no matter whether it's done asking or answering. Stated in the question of the second type region of the desired search of knowledge contains the answers, or alternatives, and is the only true one or a few of them. So the second question like "who discovered America?" can be represented by a series of names of people - potential discoverers: Columbus, Americo Vespucci, Vasco de Gamma, etc. the Introduction of a characteristic, for example, that he was a Spaniard, Italian allows you to change the names of some and leave others. The introduction of the second characteristic (born in Genoa) allows to cut off all options except one that will be a true answer.
Thus, any question of the second type is represented by a series of questions first like: "who discovered America?" "the Spaniard discovered America?" (Yes, no); "the Portuguese discovered America?" (Yes, no); "an Italian discovered America?" (Yes, no), etc.
As already mentioned, one or more true answers, but essentially it does not change.