Thursday, February 28, 2019

Unique Dangling Freshwater Cultured Pearl Pendant with an Abstract Sterl...

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In order to ascertain at least on the behavioral level, the main motives, should provide the respondents freedom of expression and ask them to write why they bought the car, i.e. to ask the question. The combination of the answers to the open question and their typology will help to identify the structure motifs.
Give the same closed question is already in the search study means to close himself and the Respondent in the narrow circle of their own, often superficial understanding of the subject matter. To avoid this, the sociologist creates an open-ended question and thus extends the possibilities of cognitive research.
As shows the analysis of answers to open questions, a combination of the answers of the respondents and their frequency distribution can sometimes open up unexpected prospects for the study of the object. "The description of reality created by the Respondent for a sociologist, it may be more diverse or simply different compared to the a priori scheme proposed by the sociologist for the Respondent". After analysis of the answers to the open question and their typology can be formulated alternatives closed question with no fear that will be lost is the most important.
Open questions have several advantages compared to closed. They allow the respondents fully, without any restrictions on the part of the sociologist to Express their opinion, to Express the vital to raise sometimes, these problems that maybe would not have come to mind sociologist. Analysis of the responses allows in many cases to identify the problems, contradictions, unresolved questions, to identify the scope of the studied phenomena, to present them in an unexpected angle.