Thursday, February 28, 2019

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Just as Smith used sustainable labor cost
to establish the price of things in a number of equivalents, as Jussieu in
his project of establishing a classification as accurate as
method and as strict as a system, brought in the rule
subordination of characteristics. Just as Ricardo freed labour
the role of meter led him beyond the exchange and put in common
forms of production in the same way and ?????1<$F1 Cm. on Cuvier
wonderful job Dodana: Daudin. Les classes zoologiques,
Paris, 1930.> freed the subordination of characters from their
taxonomic functions, brought them beyond all possible
classification and placed in different levels of organization of living
beings. Internal communication, contributing to interdependence
structures, is now defined not only at the level of frequencies, but
becomes the basis of the correlations. This shift
the permutation determined once Geoffroy Saint-Hilaire in these words:
"The organic structure is becoming an abstract entity...
able to take various forms"1<$F1 Op. by: Th. Cahn. La
Vie et l euvre d E. Geofforoy Saint-Hilaire, Paris, 1962, p.
138.>. All the space of living beings is organized around this
concepts, and everything that appeared once my eyes through the mesh
concepts of natural history (genera, species, individuals, structures,
bodies), acquires now a new way of being.
This refers primarily to those elements (or the groups
the various elements), which can be isolate, glancing round at the
the bodily organization of individuals, and called authorities. In
the classical analysis, the authority determined simultaneously and its
structure and its function, he was something of a system with two
inputs that can be exhaustively explained either on the basis of
performed by her role (e.g., reproduction), or on the basis
morphological variables (form, magnitude, disposition, number
elements); these two methods of transcription were quite
independent though and covered each other: the first was revealed
use the other identities.