Thursday, February 28, 2019

Champagne Color South Sea Pearl Pendant

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Anonymous said...

With what is such a "repulsion" of the interlocutor?
O. E. Mandelstam trying to articulate his observation, based on
laws of communication:
"If I know the person I say-I know how he would react to
what I will say -- no matter what I said, and therefore I will not be able
marvel at its wonder, to rejoice in his joy, to love with his love.
The distance of separation blurs the features of a nice man. Only then I
there is a desire to say something important that I couldn't tell when you owned it
appearance throughout the real fullness. I will allow myself to formulate it
observation: the taste of soobscalasi inversely proportional to the desire
his interest. Not about acoustics to care:
it will come of itself. Probably about distance. Bored to whisper with a neighbor.
Infinitely tedious to drill your own soul. But to exchange signals with Mars
-- a task worthy of the lyrics, respect the interlocutor and aware of their
wanton innocence"