Thursday, February 28, 2019

Pearl Pendant with Diamonds in 10K Yellow Gold

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Anonymous said...

I once read a remarkable phrase: "the Knowledge of what to consider the answer, is tantamount to knowing the answer." In other words, if I know the content of the answer, know the contents of the issue. It seems that everything is turned on its head. After all, we therefore ask the question that don't know the answer, because if you know the answer, then why the question. So we common sense. However, this approach has a great meaning, which in fact is the basis for question-answering relations.
There are various approaches to the solution of the question, characterize the different the depth of her knowledge and study. Probably no one would argue with the fact that this issue is more or less the totality of knowledge. In other words, in order to ask a question, the researcher should already have some idea of what he wants to know through this question, i.e. a question that already has some knowledge. In fact, if we ask, pointing to the animal, "who is this?" not "what is this?" it means that we know at least that this object is an animate being.