Thursday, February 28, 2019

Royal Beaded Pendant Tutorial

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So -- at the new stage the events, - knowledge in
his positivity changes its nature and form. It would be
illegal -- or at least not enough -- to attribute
this shift to the discovery of hitherto unknown objects (e.g.,
as the grammatical system of Sanskrit, as the ratio
anatomical organization and organic functions in the living
being, as the economic importance of the captain). It would be just as
inaccurate to assume that General grammar became Philology,
natural history -- biology and the analysis of wealth --
political economy only due to the fact that all of these methods
knowledge refined their methods, came closer to their objects,
rationalized their concepts, selected better models
formalization -- in short, like they came out of their
background thanks to a certain introspection of the mind. At the turn of the century
has changed, undergoing a permanent shift, it is the very
knowledge as a way of being, inseparable and preexisting
knowing the object and knowable object. If in the study
production costs ideally, the initial situation of exchange already
no longer used as a means of analysis of education cost
it is only because at the archaeological level,
becoming the main way in the space of knowledge is a substitute
exchange and causes. on the one hand, the emergence of new objects
knowledge (e.g. capital), and on the other hand, their premises
learning new concepts and new methods (e.g., analysis of forms
production). Similarly, if, since Cuvier,
the study is subjected to internal organic structure of living
beings employing methods of comparative anatomy,
it is only because Life as a basic form of knowledge causes
the appearance of new objects (for example, the relation of the sign to
function) and new methods (e.g. the search for analogies).