Thursday, February 28, 2019

Beading4perfectionists : Swarovski pearl - bicone pendant tutorial

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So far we only talked about a closed question as mainly in the sociological study alternatives which describe the contents and the conceptual essence of the question. In addition to the closed questions in the questionnaires used and the so-called open questions where the Respondent is not receiving any prompts or choices of response.
To date, an open question sociologists are suitable as one of the ways to determine the possible answers to closed question in exploratory research. It often happens that the social scientist knows only an approximate answer to the question or the answers known, but it is not always possible to determine in advance which ones are most important for research. Usually it happens when a sociologist wants to find out the structure of motives, assessments of the phenomenon, the overall presentation of the respondents at the level of first exploring the object or the subject, research.
Really, take some little-studied subject and try to build a closed question. For example, to formulate alternatives to the question of why people buy car. You can, of course, as already mentioned, based on a common representation or consultation with anyone, to write a number of response options: convenient means of transportation, reduction in travel time, prestige, occupation in free time. But are these alternatives exhaustive whether they describe the structure of motives of buying car? Probably there are other motives, which we at first approach to the study have not even idea.