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How to make a beaded pearl pendant with bicones beading jewelry DIY (tut...

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Returning to the notion of poetic language, we see that he was
best object. Removing the content side, managed
to move a certain number of steps forward in the study of pure sound side.
Something similar can be found in the case of the monologue. Removing the reaction
the interlocutor, monologue of the same type can also concentrate on characteristics
"aesthetic" order:
the order of the words, their frequency of occurrence, stylistic colouring. Everyday language is not
know these concepts, these guidelines. To describe the differences
domestic/poetic languages you can also use the concepts
short-term/long-term memory. Everyday language is unable
respond to observed characteristics, because it works in the mode
short-term memory. Therefore, it is not essential to such
phenomena as excessive repetition of a word. Long-term
mode brings other requirements. However, in our conditions, long-term
often implemented in the form of a letter, the visual channel, although it is not
a mandatory condition.
Modern theater is also trying to implement the sound routes
the poetic language. P. Brooke notes: "Word is like an iceberg, and the idea
the concept in this case