Thursday, February 28, 2019

Vintage Antique Ornate Theda Sterling Silver Marcasite Virgin Mary Mothe...

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What does it mean? All social existence is the result of relations of people and in atomic terms - a relationship between two specific individuals. To realize themselves as a subject, as a single system of existence man should be required to enter into a relationship with an object or with another person. But to interact with the object means to reflect it first partially and then in General in the last of his conceptual knowledge. There is no other way, because only in this way, any object caught in the field of view, or better to say in the field of activity of a subject, acquires in the subject's consciousness, man its informative value. For example, if I hit accidentally or on purpose, better than the last, some space and planet, leaving the ship, you notice on the horizon or at his feet something is moving, I immediately conclude that it is alive. My last concept, my past system knowledge helpful suggest that everything that moves is the animate living thing. The object caught in my eye (or rather, actions) with only one the only sign that he is moving, owes its substantial value in the conceptual system "alive - not alive".
But as soon as I reacted to some object that moves as a living, then, on this basis, I will build and your relationship with him. In other words, man is not only conceptually reflects the objective world, the object, but also builds your relationship with him only conceptually based on a specific view of this subject. All actions, movements of the subject will come and obey only developed the concept of beliefs about this object, of course, if the subject wishes or will be forced to deal with him.
This is the first step of establishing relations. Then they start leaking pretty interesting process.