Thursday, February 28, 2019

single pearl pendant necklace

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Anonymous said...

Again before us there is a certain "deconstruction". If OPOYAZ
tucked away in the shadow of the semantic side, sticking out the essence of poetic language,
here is the same variant is obtained by the avoidance of the orientation of the interlocutor, but
on the semantic level. That is, we see almost a similar idea, but only
more sophisticated order. Because in our time we are suspicious
works, exploiting the topic of the day.
In 1915 N. Radloff wrote: "now our art afraid
the present. We believe that topicality is a very dangerous way. Maybe
so, but there are moments when "the day" becomes a "historic day" and
go past his "anger" -- cowardice. We used to see as a modern
topics nourish the surrogate of art, all the value is in
actuality, and afraid to get a rapprochement with him real high
art" (radloff I. Future school of painting // Apollo. -- 1915. --
No 1. P. 14-15). He emphasizes the following: "the Gap between the viewer and
a painter whose existence is undeniable, formed naturally,
since in the process of artistic creativity to the fore made
personality" (ibid.P.16).