Thursday, February 28, 2019

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In fact work-that is economic activity --
appeared in the world history when people were too
a lot to eat wild fruits of the earth. Not having
livelihood, some died, and many would have died
if it had not begun to cultivate the land. As
increasing population, cut down, plowed, cultivated
all new forest areas. At any time the history of mankind
always working under the threat of death: any population, if it is not
find new livelihoods, is doomed to extinction; and
on the contrary, as the number of people increases, they
have to deal with new kinds of work, in hard conditions
and remote areas, the cost of which also did not immediately
pay off. The looming threat of death becomes more dangerous than
harder to produce the necessary means of subsistence; work well
thus forced to become increasingly tense and
to use all means to improve their productivity.
Thus, the economy becomes possible and necessary because
of consistency and naikorokoro the situation of the rarity of the benefits: before
the face of nature, which is itself inert and for the most part
barren, a man jeopardizes his life. Not
the game views the economy finds its fundamental
principle, but near that dangerous place, where life meets
death. Thus Economics refers us to the very
ambiguous thoughts that can be called
anthropological: in fact, it is related to
biological properties of the human race, which, as
showed a contemporary of Ricardo -- Malthus has a constant
tends to increase if left unchecked with
using any means up to coercion; economy
correlate also with the position of these living entities, who
you may not find in the natural environment to maintain them
of existence; Economics sees labor and the gravity of this
labor the only means of overcoming the substantial disadvantage
food and at least temporary victory over death. Homo
oeconomicus-is not the man who imagines his
own needs and objects that can satisfy them;