Thursday, February 28, 2019

My first Mikimoto Pearl Pendant

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Anonymous said...

Reasoning "About the nature of the word" (1922), O. E. Mandelstam goes on
the concept of symbol: "In the Hellenistic understanding, the symbol of the eating utensil, and therefore
every object drawn into the sacred circle of the person, can be a utensil, and
consequently, the symbol. One wonders, therefore, whether purely deliberate
symbolism in Russian poetry, whether it is a sin against the Hellenistic
the nature of our language, creating images like utensils, needful person? At
essentially there is no difference between word and image. The symbol there is already a way
sealed; it cannot be touched, it is not suitable for everyday life" (There
same.P. 64-65).
Russian symbolists believed O. E. Mandelshtam, shaped opening
the nature of the word "sealed all the words, all the images intended them
exclusively for liturgical use. Was very uncomfortable -
neither walk nor stand nor sit. On the table you can't eat, because it is not
just a table. You can't light a fire because it may mean that he
then not happy you will be. Man no longer the master at home. He has
to live not in Church, not in the sacred grove of the druids