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history before 1917 120
Moreover, O. E. Mandelstam General strikes a contemporary of
the number of readers of the poet. "Fear of a specific interlocutor, a listener of
"age", thus "to another generation" aggressively pursued the poets
all times. More brilliant was the poet, especially in the more acute form sick he
fear. Hence the notorious hostility of the artist and society. (...) The quarrel
Pushkin black can be viewed as a manifestation of antagonism
I'm trying to mention" (ibid. P.52).
Putting this feature into the base of his theory,
O. E. Mandelstam trying to build it is a distinction
poetry and prose of communication. "The difference between literature and
poetry the following: the writer always refers to a specific listener
the living representative of the epoch. Even if he prophesies, he has in mind
contemporary future. The writer has to be "higher", "superior"
companies. Teaching -- the nerve of literature. Therefore, for the writer required
pedestal. Another thing is the poetry. The poet is connected only with the providential
interlocutor. To be higher than his era, better than his society for it is not
definitely. The same fran├žois Villon is much below the average moral
and mental level of culture of the XV century"