Thursday, February 28, 2019

Gearbest (Faux Pearl Pendant Simple Design Necklace For Women)

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To formulate the goal and objectives of the study is to understand what we want to in the end. But to understand means to answer a software question, get a hypothetical knowledge. However, there is a logical contradiction: in order to answer the software issue must have a clearly defined purpose of the study, but the definition of the goal is already setting a software issue.
Actually there is no contradiction, because the definition of the purpose of the study is the result of receptivity before work, allowing us to obtain conceptual and hypothetical knowledge. So, to say that the reason for buying the car is the high income or the desire to earn a lot of money, I have to have prior knowledge that this could be the reason. Software the question: "Why...?" in fact there is receptivity before the question, because it does not contain conceptual installation. To make conceptual installation must sociologist, turning the question into a conceptual (we will talk more in another section of the book). In formulating the questions, the sociologist determines that he needs to know, i.e. that he should check in the course of the study. And when we write that the aim of our study is the knowledge, does high income cause the needs in buying a car, thus we say that, in our opinion, this cause should be present, but we should check in the course of the sociological survey.
Accordingly, the objectives of sociological research are the private expressions of a software question, the investigation object is one or the other social group, speakers of the studied concept. And what is the object of research?