Thursday, February 28, 2019

How to Make a Wire Bird's Nest Pendant

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Anonymous said...

The space of Western knowledge is now on the verge
fracture: taxonomy, extensive universal space which
once formed in accordance with the possibility of a mathesis, and
made up the strong side of knowledge -- at the same time and it
the initial opportunity, and the condition of its perfection, --
will be located now in a different, yet fuzzy vertical
the structure, which will identify patterns
similarities, to prescribe the character of the neighborhoods and preravista,
to establish the perceived dispositions of the elements and slipping
all huge horizontal pivot taxonomy in the direction of
the secondary field effects. Thus, the European
culture invents such a deep measurement, in which the question
is not about identities, not about the distinctive characteristics, not
about sustainable table with all possible inside them moves, but
about the powerful hidden forces developed from their original and
not available kernel on the principle of causality, history.
From now on, things can be brought to the view only from the depths of this
this strata; although darkness may yet
more confuse and blur them, but the power latent in this
deep, stronger bind, connect, dismember, directly
will group them with each other. Visible images, relationships, the spaces,
which isolate them and describe their outlines, -- all of them
will open to our view -- already connected already
marschlande-only in the dark depths, which, coupled with
time implicitly creates things.