Thursday, February 28, 2019

Colleen Lopez Cultured Freshwater Pearl Pendant

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One of the possible answers might include clarification of the preferred form of transport (train, boat, foot, etc.), the second option may disclose with whom the respondents prefer to travel (with family, with friends, alone, etc.), the third option of the answers suggests to figure out the kind of travel (as tourists, individually, in a group, etc.). In one of the forms on this question, the Respondent crossed out the proposed response options and added on the sidelines of his answer: "I prefer to travel?" - "In silence". This is also a possible answer in the context of reasoning. In order for the Respondent to understand in what aspect of the sociologist is interested in the content of the question should clearly state all the necessary series of possible answers.
The closure of the issue, i.e. the definition of the set of alternatives has proved very difficult, despite its apparent easiness.
First, never quite firmly to tell, without prior methodological and substantive analysis of the phenomenon under study, how much should be closing and what alternatives should include questions. We can't always say how we offer the researcher a set of clues reflects the actual content of the question taking into account the decisions of any research or practical tasks. Without a thorough preliminary experimental and methodological work are not enough. However, in practical training of sociological research, as a rule, when choices are based on intuition, sociological experience or just common sense, which, of course, is not always sufficient for a truly scientific approach to the solution of research tasks.