Thursday, February 28, 2019

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Anonymous said...

The proposition "humans descended from apes", is not an absolute axiom for many people, and to prove this the short form often turns into a long series of arguments that would prove the truth of many of the original, logically consistent judgment. As you know, on the evidence, however, to refute this position were lots of books with explicit or questionable arguments, and more or less stringent logic, reasoning, and even not adhering to any arguments of logic and evidence.

But here it works the other logic that is not less interesting than the traditional scientific logic. When I declare "I believe this is for me and for someone else, is quite sufficient", in fact, means it is for a dominant position, which is content that solves a human for yourself task. If this provision solves the problem, then it has already (in its decision) is true. While it may contradict some other proposition, for example, that man came from outer space or originated from God. Both, and many others the same will be true unless, again, it solves a human problem. For RAmkami postinLenno tasks is no judgment has no meaning.

A detailed proposal, regardless of length, can be called a classic, because it is formed and formulated logically correct. Classic because this offer fully possesses all the properties of forms of expression meaning, main idea.

In the above sentence explicitly present the basic subjects ("all", "people", "death"), context, condition ("if only..."), provided there is a logical sequence of object relationships, showing the dominant ("biological" and "mortality"), temporal and spatial parameters ("all and always), the key action ("men are mortal").

Length of the expanded proposal does not matter because no matter how long it may be, every time, through a certain logical intervals, all main objects are again presenting a complete and Autonomous logical chain of reasoning.

Anonymous said...

There is one fundamental and very interesting feature of the proposal, advocating a prerequisite for the viability of any proposal, as we have already said. Is that concepts and conceptual formation fluid, i.e. can move from one idea to another, changing or not changing their conceptual content. This, in turn, is a prerequisite for the development of concepts and meaning can describe any or almost any situation the anonymous outer world.

This is possible because, according to the General principles of construction and development of the logic of sense, all included offer concepts have some common features or elements. In other words, any new conceptual education within the framework of proposals is possible only if and only because it has the same, common to all elements.

The proposal must contain meaningful units. Here is a small example: when a television announcer or radio reads the text, he definitely pauses after every two or three or four words. Listen and you will immediately see this. It's called speech, and this specifically is taught in theatre schools. Why is it done?

There are at least three reasons: first, then, to give the listener time to handle consciousness heard and incorporate it into their system of knowledge. This is given to him 2-3 seconds as pause, silence, silence, silence. Secondly, that for us is more important now pause are not just two or three or four words, and across semantic units. Try to break the text into pause randomly, and you will see that nothing good to Express key ideas, will not work. And thirdly, an indication of the semantic unit allows the use of intonation to highlight key words and key semantic blocks, which are dominant.

This is particularly well heard and seen in the poem. Let us cite, as an example, short couplet, in which semantic units separated by a slash. One thing to take a short break, two - long pause, three more long pause. You could say that break in one, two and three seconds.