Thursday, February 28, 2019

Golden South Sea Pearl Pendant Necklace 14k White Gold 9.5-10mm

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Anonymous said...

If we say, "let's walk", from the context it is clear that it is, for example, about the Park and meant the limited space that is sufficient to solve the task - to walk. If you say, "meet me under the clock", and there is a long space that allows you to visually see each other. If you say, "I'll meet you in two hours", it means that the length of time can range from five minutes or more. Including astronomical meetings comets, planets, etc. have temporal and spatial length.

The infinitesimal, as infinite extent, does not happen. Everything has its limits, which are determined by the task, and which allow for the possibility of change. It is the length of time and place leads to the possibility of change, and time and place I. accordingly, the actions. This is the kind of gap that allows to respond flexibly to external changes and in which all are committed for the transformation of nature and phenomena. Unchanging and absolute only the possibility of existence of length.

On the notion of "unity of place, time and action" there is still one caveat, and very significant. Committing any act, which provides for the time and place in his Trinity can and must be performed in some General for yourself or time, or place, or action. And this provision must be indicated, explicitly or implicitly, in any offer. When you say: "Tomorrow let's go to the movies", it means that the concept of "tomorrow" as a dominant included in a common temporal context, as well as the concept of "come" as an action, and "movie" as a place.

All of this comes from the postulate and the principle of existence that all of our actions are taken in a General context. But the context of dominant (and we are, in this case, is solely about the context of the dominant) may be, in each case, only one: or this time, or place, or action. It also made the principle of the unity of place, time and action, but on the second, third and further levels. And so on to infinity, but usually limited to common time or place, or action of the first and second level sufficient for the task.

Further, objects in a sentence, always interacting. Above we have identified in proposal two objects: the subject and the predicate. (A bundle usually is not regarded as an independent object, since it only indicates whether the symptom of the subject and does not affect the nature of the selected objects). But there is a third subject is the General, of which we have spoken above: it is either a place or time or action, as dominant.

Review and analysis of the process and nature of interaction in the proposal of these three objects, i.e. the subject, predicate and context, it is very interesting and has its essential features that define the character and substance of the proposal and the full text.