Thursday, February 28, 2019

Imperial Pearls 910mm Cultured Tahitian Pearl Pendant

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Anonymous said...

In the characterization of the monologue L. P. Yakubinsky enter another
hell, using words from their work in 1916:
"the moment some complex arrangement of speech material
plays a huge role, and introduces the speech the facts in the light field of consciousness,
attention much easier on them concentrates. The monologue not only
implies the adequacy of the expressing means of the mental
state, but put forward as something independent that is the location
composing speech units. You receive estimation about pure speech
relations: "connected", "foldable", "awkward", "repeated one and the same word
at a close distance", "too much which" "word order
bad" etc speech relations are determinants
sources appearing in consciousness about their own experiences"