Thursday, February 28, 2019

Crown and Pearl Pendant Necklace

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Continuing L. V. Shcherba from "East-Lusatian dialect" (1915),
which in the description of the real communication was very difficult to find monologues
its fourth Chapter Yakubinsky L. P. called "On the naturalness of the dialogue
and the artificiality of the monologue". He goes further and looks for what
semiotic organization of communication, which contributes to the birth of
monologue: "in order that people listened to the monologue that is required commonly
certain attendant conditions, for example, the organization of the meeting with place,
with the provision of "words", with the Chairman, and it is always there
"voices" (Ibid. P. 33). And further: "Hearing a monologue often
regulated (except where noted organization meetings, etc.)
a few people there, which, if it is too big, leads to a force
for each natural desire to interrupt to final
the "hubbub", which also naturally gradually paralyzes or
termination or of the meeting, if he will not be given organized
character; it is well known that, for example, gatherings of young people permanently end
the "hubbub", and finally the requirement to elect a Chairperson and conduct the meeting"
(Ibid.P. 33-34).