Thursday, February 28, 2019

Diamond set pearl pendant

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semiotics with another important article
however, already in 1923, "On Dialogic speech" (See: Yakubinsky L. P.
Selected works. The language and its functioning. - M, 1986. P. 17-58). Here
presented many of the ideas for which we are so appreciate of M. M. Bakhtin. But
M. M. Bakhtin was able to deploy them in the direction of literature and culture.
L. P. Yakubinsky remained a linguist, and the linguistics in that period went to
the other, and prepared L. P. Yakubinsky tools were
it does not need.
Examining existing forms of communication, L. P. Yakubinskybelieves
an important element of the purpose of speech. In this he saw the difference
between practical and poetic language, about which wrote earlier.
Communication he is trying to model at the level of auditory perception
the interlocutor and the audience. "The visual perception of the interlocutor
involves the perception of his facial expressions, gestures, all his movements" (There
same. P. 27). And further: "very often mimic and gestural
replica does not require the speech add-on. On the other hand, facial expressions and
gestures often have a value similar to the value of intonation, i.e.
in a certain way modify the meanings of words"