Thursday, February 28, 2019

Pearl Pendant

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Then, to the surprise of the modern reader, there is a classification
gestures, reminiscent of the classification of signs Pier-Jacobson on the principle of
-- the symbol/icon/index. E. D. Polivanov writes: "the criterion for
this opposition can be considered: on the one hand, the symbolism of this
mode of expression (i.e., its formality, without prior knowledge of which
this method of expression will not be understood), and on the other hand-the presence of
natural connection between this mode of expression, and its value" (There
same). Interestingly the introduction of appropriate intermediate phenomena:
"Here may be also included among the gestures, copying objects my actions.
They, too, have a claim "to be natural clear". Just need
keep in mind that in phonememory this class of expressions can
great role play Convention. You can call them why not just
natural, and potentially natural"