Thursday, December 5, 2019

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The 50 Best Outfits on 'Riverdale,' and Where to Find Them 14, 2017
Since Riverdale's epic season one finale has left us *dying* for more, we dug through the cast's wardrobe to find out where to shop the 50 best pieces.
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15 craziest (and most memorable) looks ever to hit the Emmys ...

HelloGiggles-Sep. 15, 2017
This macabre Armani Privé gown deserves a fashion-inspired season of its own. ... The iconic singer slipped into the rosy cape for the 2004 Emmys red carpet, ...
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Before There Were Stylists: Barbra Streisand, Jodie Foster ...

Hollywood Reporter-Feb. 23, 2017
“I thought it was just beautiful, and I bought it,” she says of her Oscar dress, ... David and Elizabeth Emanuel, who created Princess Diana's iconic wedding dress.
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Gossip Girl Fashion: 10 Iconic Moments 19, 2017
Gossip Girl Fashion: 10 Iconic Moments ... Dress, Ralph Lauren Collection. ... It was with this gown that Blair proved she had the high-fashion chops every girl ...

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