Tuesday, December 10, 2019

Story image for iconic gown from Daily Mail

The Anna Nicole fashion show: Late actress's ex puts iconic ...

Daily Mail-May 12, 2010
Smith's Marilyn Monroe memorabilia - items such as a Marilyn cookie jar - many gowns she wore at red carpet events, and several of her own paintings also go ...
Story image for iconic gown from NPR

Holly Golightly: Breaking Rules In A Little Black Dress

NPR-Jul. 30, 2010
Holly Golightly. Just saying the name of that free spirit from Tulip, Texas -- for whom life wasn't exactly care-free -- is bound to produce a smile. The character ...
Story image for iconic gown from Entertainment Weekly

Heidi Klum wore Mondo Guerra's polka-dot dress!

Entertainment Weekly-Nov. 12, 2010
Image Credit: Jason Merritt/Getty Images; David M. Russell/LifetimeIT HAPPENED!!! As EW reported yesterday, Heidi ended up wearing a modified version of ...


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