Wednesday, December 11, 2019

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Fashionably Speaking, London Owned the 2010s 18, 2019
Not long after, I found Simone Rocha, a 2010 graduate of Central Saint Martins M.A., in a tiny room upstairs, with her lace dresses festooned everywhere and ...
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Taylor Swift breaks the dress code at Gigi Hadid's birthday party

Page Six-Apr. 23, 2019
Taylor Swift shook off the dress code at pal Gigi Hadid's 24th birthday party on ... herself — the pop star went fashionably rogue, opting for a look that reflected ...
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The simple tweak that's transformed Kate Middleton's entire ...

Now To Love-Jul. 9, 2019
Kate, who is known for her trendy-yet-modest-approach to dressing, was suddenly ... Two years later, Kate's dress appeared to make a dazzling return to the ...
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Angelina Jolie took on the streets of Paris in two fashionably ...

PINKVILLA-Jul. 9, 2019
Angelina Jolie took on the streets of Paris in two fashionably breezy and chic ... Parisian and wearing chic yet comfortable outfits that are breezy and perfect for ...


Pearl Necklace said...

matter displaces the permanent establishment in the professional, emotional, sexual, cultural, family and international fields, in political Affairs. Of course, this evolution is ambiguous: after all, a temporary appointment is encouraged by the system, due to its great flexibility, minimal cost and the accompanying flurry of motivation - all those factors which give the best

As for the Informatization of the society, now we see how it affects this issue, It may become "desirable" instrument of control and regulation systems on the go, stretching all the way to control the knowledge, and be controlled exclusively by the performativity principle. But then it will inevitably lead to terror. It can also serve groups, discussing metaprinciple, and provide information that often is missing persons ?

Pearl Necklace said...
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Anonymous said...

rectenna for installers of discursively. To
return, need, actually, to first was oblivion, and oblivion -
not random, not the veil of misunderstanding, but essential and constitutive
oblivion. The act of establishing, indeed, by its very nature is
he can not be forgotten. The fact that it detects something out of it
stems - it is both what sets the gap, and the fact that it
camouflages and hides. Need this non-random oblivion was clothed in
the exact operation which it would be possible to find a place to perform them and
by returning to reduced to establishing the act. Castle oblivion is not
is added from the outside, he's part of discursively - the one we now
are talking, which is what gives its law to oblivion; so that this forgotten establishment
discursively is the basis of existence and the lock and key
which allows you to open it, and - so that and oblivion, and
an obstacle to return can be eliminated only by that return.
In addition, this return refers to that which is present in the text
or, more precisely, there occurs a return to the text itself - the text in
the literal sense, but at the same time, however, and to the fact that in the text
marked by emptiness, absence, space. Going back to some
the void that oblivion is silent or that it is masked that
it covered about and the evil fullness, and the return must re-discover
and this gap, and this lack; hence the eternal game that characterizes
these returns to establish discursively - the game, which is
so, on the one hand, to say: it's all there already