Tuesday, December 10, 2019

Story image for iconic gown from NME.com

Lana Del Rey explains significance of 'Video Games' location ...

NME.com-Dec. 13, 2011
In an interview by the swimming pool in the courtyard of the iconic building for ... Dressed in a floor-length sheer gown, and accompanied by a grand piano and ...
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George IV coronation robe on show at Brighton Pavilion

BBC News-Feb. 4, 2011
It includes other items of his clothing, including a printed banyan, an early form of dressing gown, and huge breeches worn towards the end of his life as he grew ...
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Royal wedding: From classic elegance to relaxed chic

hellomagazine.com-Apr. 29, 2011
Entrusting Sarah Burton with the second dress of her big day, Kate left Clarence House with her handsome groom, ready to start their new life together with their ...
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The Bold and the Beautiful Gets a Fashion Makeover

TV Guide-Jul. 1, 2011
... Jennifer Lopez) to gown the runway models on the show's new opening titles. ... in a white tux inspired by Bianca Jagger's iconic look at her 1971 wedding to ...

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