Tuesday, December 10, 2019

Story image for iconic gown from CBS News

Diana's Daring Black Dress Goes on the Block

CBS News-May 29, 2010
The dress was, Lady Diana Spencer thought, so grown-up, just right for her first official engagement after the announcement she was to marry Prince Charles.
Story image for iconic gown from hellomagazine.com

Iconic weddings: Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip, Duke of ...

hellomagazine.com-Apr. 30, 2010
In order to make her wedding dress, Elizabeth famously saved up ration cards to purchase the material needed. The beautiful gown was made of ivory duchess ...
Story image for iconic gown from Los Angeles Times (blog)

Your morning fashion and beauty report: Scarlett Johansson ...

Los Angeles Times (blog)-Jun. 14, 2010
Your morning fashion and beauty report: Scarlett Johansson, Catherine Zeta-Jones, Jada Pinkett Smith look stunning on red carpet at Tonys, an iconic gown is ...


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