Tuesday, December 10, 2019

Story image for iconic gown from Vogue.com

Style File - John Galliano

Vogue.com-Aug. 10, 2011
JOHN GALLIANO was at the nucleus of a controversy that divided opinion; seen him face charges of public insult in Paris and subsequently found guilty; and ...
Story image for iconic gown from Harvard Magazine

Gomes Remembered as “Iconic Personality”

Harvard Magazine-Apr. 6, 2011
A throng of almost a thousand gathered at Harvard's Memorial Church on the morning of April 6 for a service celebrating the life and ministry of the Reverend ...
Story image for iconic gown from Chicago Daily Herald

Elizabeth Taylor: classic beauty in every sense

Chicago Daily Herald-Mar. 24, 2011
And while she was famous for her Oscars, iconic roles and many husbands, she ... At the Oscars in 1970, she asked costumer Head to create a gown that would ...
Story image for iconic gown from BrooklynPapers.com

Town vs. gown! Locals battle Clark Street 'animal house'

BrooklynPapers.com-May 4, 2011
Rowdy students at a Brooklyn Heights dormitory are turning leafy Clark Street into a recurring scene from “Animal House”— and it has irked residents so badly ...


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