Tuesday, December 10, 2019

Story image for iconic gown from NPR

Who Gives A Damn About Scarlett O'Hara's Dresses?

NPR-Aug. 13, 2010
Great balls of fire, Mammy, Miss Scarlett's dresses are falling apart! The iconic costumes worn by actress Vivien Leigh in Gone With the Wind are suffering loose ...
Story image for iconic gown from Independent

The hospital gown gets iconic makeover

Independent-Sep. 15, 2010
Many women cherish their figure-flattering iconic print DVF wrap dress, and now those stuck in hospital beds can feel a bit better about themselves with a new ...
Story image for iconic gown from Telegraph.co.uk

Princess Diana's dress worn on first official appearance to be ...

Telegraph.co.uk-Apr. 12, 2010
Now the iconic dress is set to fetch up to £50,000 when it appears at Kerry Taylor ... The dress caused a sensation when Lady Diana Spencer, as she then was, ...
Story image for iconic gown from hellomagazine.com

Iconic weddings: Grace Kelly and Prince Rainier III of Monaco

hellomagazine.com-Apr. 20, 2010
Grace wore a beige lace dress and hat, and after exchanging their vows, husband and wife made a brief appearance on the palace's balcony to wave to the 500 ...


Pearl Necklace said...

should lead to a redefinition of the norms of "life"218. In this sense, the system appears to be some avant-garde machine that drags humanity along, abseloutely it, then to vocalocity on another level normative performance. The technocrats declare that you cannot trust what society designates as its needs. They "know" that the society cannot know them, because the needs are variables that are dependent on new technologies219.

Anonymous said...

Don't know anything. I was impressed by this strange silence
Freud - he doesn't say anything about Nietzsche, even in correspondence, with the exception of
several phrases. It is, indeed, quite mysterious. To explain this
the analysis performed with Lou salomé, the fact that Freud didn't
to say...

He didn't want to talk about it...

You said about Nietzsche that the experience of madness is the closest one to
absolute knowledge. Can I ask You, to what extent, in Your opinion,
Nietzsche had this experience of madness? If You have time, I
I think it would be very interesting to put the same question in relation to
other great minds, whether poets or writers such as Hölderlin,
Nerval and Maupassant, or musicians as Schumann, Henri Duper, Maurice Ravel.
But back to Nietzsche. Am I to understand? You said neither more nor less, as
about this experience of madness. This is what you wanted to say?


Maybe You wanted to say rather "consciousness" or "priznanie", or
"premonition" madness? Do you really believe that you can have...
what great minds like Nietzsche may have an "experience of madness"?