Saturday, December 7, 2019

Story image for bridesmaids from Us Magazine

Lena Dunham Serves as Bridesmaid in Best Friend's Wedding ...

Us Magazine-Jun. 28, 2014
She posed with the other two bridesmaids, showing off the cutout back of the dress. “Sisters of the cloth,” she captioned one image. PHOTOS: Taylor Swift's ...
Story image for bridesmaids from Glamour

A Sweet, Easy Way to Do Mix-and-Match Bridesmaid Dresses

Glamour-Jul. 14, 2014
Not only does it feature outsize baby's-breath bouquets—a personal fave—it also showcases bridesmaid dresses that match without being matchy-matchy.
Story image for bridesmaids from InStyle

Wedding Trend Your Bridesmaids Will Love: Jumpsuits

InStyle-Aug. 2, 2014
Here's a thought: A bridesmaid outfit you'll actually want to wear again. We know, we know—you've heard that promise countless times, only to be stuck ...
Story image for bridesmaids from Latin Times

Eva Mendes Gets Back To Work Designing Bridesmaids ...

Latin Times-Nov. 12, 2014
This time she designed a super cute line of bridesmaids dresses, which she is more than ready to promote. “An important day needs a special dress. I love this ...


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