Wednesday, December 11, 2019

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Walter Mercado, an iconic Puerto Rican astrologer and ... 3, 2019
One of Puerto Rico's most well-known celebrities, television personality and astrologer Walter Mercado, died of apparent kidney failure at a hospital in San Juan ...
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Cheryl sparks Girls Aloud reunion rumours with iconic snap

Heat World (blog)-Dec. 2, 2019
Cheryl sparks Girls Aloud reunion rumours with iconic snap ... CHECK OUT: I'm A Celebrity shower scenes - the best, worst and most naked waterfall moments ...
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22 Celebrities Whose Hair Is Almost More Famous Than They ... (blog)-May 23, 2019
Some celebrities are known for a specific role they played. Others are known for .... Female celebrities aren't the only ones with iconic hairstyles! Elvis's hair was ...
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27 Of The Most Iconic – And Effortless – Cropped Hairstyles Of ... 15, 2019
Still championed by some of today's most fashion-forward stars on the red carpet, the pixie cropped hair style holds the same fresh, fearless appeal as it did in ...


Pearl Necklace said...

the language game in which to play it. The partner will remain silent or Express approval, not because it was refuted, but because it threatened to separate from the game (there are many types of deprivation). The pride of decision makers who, in principle, does not exist equivalent in science, comes from the exercise of such terror. The system says: "Adapt your expectations to our goals, otherwise...

Anonymous said...

It is a stable phenomenon, the phenomenon, no doubt as old as
our civilization. And Homer and Aristotle, and the fathers of the Church have played exactly that
the role, as well as the first mathematics or those who stood at the source
Hippocratic tradition. But I think in the XIX century in Europe there
a very peculiar types, which are not be confused with "great"
literary authors or authors of canonical religious texts, nor
the founders of Sciences. Call them with some degree of arbitrariness "founders
discursively"*. a feature of these authors is that they are
the authors not only of their works, their books. They have created something
more: the possibility and the rule of formation of other texts. In this sense, they
very different, say, from the author of the novel, which, in fact, is
only the author of his own text. Freud - not just the author
The interpretation of dreams or treatise On wit; Marx is not just the author
Manifesto or Capital, they established a kind of infinite possibility
discourses. Undoubtedly, it is easy to argue, incorrectly, that the author of the novel only
author of his own text; in a sense he did-if only he
was, as they say, any "significant" - manages and
ruled by something more than that. If you take a simple example, we can say,
that Ann Radcliffe not only wrote the Castle in the Pyrenees, and a number of other novels-
she did osmolarity horror novels of the early XIX century, and it
the function of the author beyond the boundaries of her creativity. Yes, of course. But, I
I think this objection can be answered: what do these possible
the founders of discursivity (I take here the example of Marx and Freud,
because they believe that they are at the same time