Tuesday, December 10, 2019

Story image for iconic gown from Vogue.com

Wedding Exclusive

Vogue.com-Jul. 4, 2011
GIORGIO ARMANI created the dress for the second-most-talked-about royal wedding of the year this weekend in Monaco, as Charlene Wittstock, former Olympic ...
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What a shocker! Man sues Playboy after he paid to get into ...

Daily Mail-Nov. 28, 2011
A guest at a recent Playboy mansion benefit was shocked to learn that the venue favours attractive women - and now he's suing for equal treatment. Steve Frye ...
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New Yorker-Sep. 19, 2011
The gown had drapes and folds and looked impossibly complicated, but .... The clothes were sexy and witty, making use of iconic fashion motifs (toile, biker ...
Story image for iconic gown from Us Magazine

Slash's Wife Wears Original Wedding Gown at Vow Renewal

Us Magazine-Aug. 31, 2011
The former madam donned her original Richard Tyler wedding gown, though she had Brides by Liza shorten the dress to give it a more beachy vibe.


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