Wednesday, December 11, 2019

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Rihanna proves she's an unbeatable fashion icon in white ...

Metro-Oct. 13, 2019
The Fenty Beauty make-up mogul shined in a white strapless dress when she made ... She arrived fashionably late, at the stroke of midnight, and presented the ...
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This 19th-century London dandy caused a style revolution

National Geographic-Jun. 18, 2019
The Oxford English Dictionary, defining the term as one “who studies above everything to dress elegantly and fashionably,” traces its origins to 1780, just two ...
Story image for how to dress fashionably from Metro

Mum transforms old shower curtains and duvet covers into ...

Metro-Sep. 22, 2019
Becky Lawrence, 32, has turned everything from cushion covers to oversized t-shirts into fashionable new outfits for herself and children Ezra, five, and Isla, ...
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Melania Trump's outfit choices are a 'how not to' in fashion ...

The Sydney Morning Herald-Jun. 3, 2019
Mrs Trump's wearing of a Gucci-does-London dress does nothing for either brand ... Fashionably speaking, the Duchess (and her staff) did their homework, ...


Pearl Necklace said...

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Anonymous said...

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the theoretical field, even if it is only moving the accents in it
or change its center of gravity. Due to such returns,
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mediated - relation, different from what some text
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What I have outlined regarding these "statutes of discursively",
of course, very sketchy. In particular - and those differences that I
tried to hold between such finding and the basis of science. Not
always, perhaps, easy to decide what you're dealing with one or the other-
and nothing proves that these are two different procedures that exclude each other.
I tried to hold this distinction with only one purpose: to show that
feature-author feature is already difficult when trying to locate the source level
books or series of texts for one signature, requires a new additional
definitions, when I try to perform it within a broader unity
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I'm very sorry that I could not offer to discuss anything
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